Sunday, August 24, 2008

Day 24 Super Sunday...

Happy Sunday,
What a wonderful day God has blessed me with. He allowed me to see another sunrise and sunset. We take so much for granted this day and time. We had a great time at church today and our pastor really gave us some spiritual food for thought. The Word blessed my soul greatly. I have a thought for you today as well..."A Moment For You". You make every day better. We all have moments when we wonder whether we have any impact at all on the world around us. But you do, just by being you! Your hard work keeps things humming, your strength keeps people going and like sunshine on the water, your spirit makes every day sparkle. No doubt about it! I didn't write this, but I sure like what it says. It was a spot in Women's World magazine 6/2/08. Just thought it would be good to share with everyone who reads my blog today and in the future. Enjoy this creation and as always "Thanks for stopping by". TTFN...

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